About those state police uniforms

As I wrote here in my last post, when I took a bag of trash down to the dumpster yesterday morning, I lifted up the lid and was shocked to see six new-looking, intact, State Police uniforms sitting on top of the trash. Just waiting for some unscrupulous (and skinny) person to nab them and impersonate a police officer.

I walked back up to the house and got my husband’s grabber tool and a big trash bag, then I fished the uniforms out of the trash bin, put them in the bag, and set the bag in the laundry room. My intention was to take the uniforms down to the nearest state police office as soon as my husband got home. We only have one working vehicle right now and he was in the city for a medical appointment at the VA clinic.

By the time my husband got home, it was late, he was tired, I was tired, and the weather was stormy. So the uniforms did not make it out of our house until this afternoon.

The state trooper was very appreciative. He explained that their uniforms had recently changed. But, he said, they were supposed to remove and destroy the official police officer patches before trashing the out of style uniforms. Somebody obviously did not do that. Which could have resulted in something very bad happening, if the uniforms had fallen into the wrong hands.

So, mystery solved and potential badness averted. But… I can’t help but wonder how many other police officers in this state may have been just as careless in tossing their old uniforms.

PS: Please pray for my dear hubby. The doctor he saw yesterday said that he needs to have four suspicious lumps removed. The surgery will be on April 29.