So maybe I really don’t know everything, after all…

Yesterday I had an epiphany during my prayer time that really hit me right between the eyes. But before I get to that, I need to back up a bit and explain what I was praying about.

Early yesterday morning, I drove an hour to pick up my husband’s granddaughter and her 20-month-old son, then I drove them back to our house so they could spend the day with their grandfather, while he ran some errands in the city. During the one hour drive back to our house, my step granddaughter said some things that really irked me. Basically, she was talking as if she already knows everything at the ripe old age of 24, and I don’t know anything at all. She seemed to have zero respect for her elders and zero humility. Which surprised me, because she and I had gotten along fine, before.

After they left with my husband, I took my frustration and irritation to the Lord. “I don’t know what to do, Father,” I prayed. “I am almost 3 times her age (a little over 2.7 times, to be exact), and I have a Mensa IQ. Yet she believes that she knows more than I do!”

In my spirit, I heard the gentle voice of the Lord say: “How do you think I feel?”


The universe that God has created out of nothing is mind boggling. His grace, mercy, and perfect love are unfathomable. But how many times have I doubted His wisdom, His righteousness, His power, His purpose, His plan — indeed, His very existence? How many times have I grumbled, doubted, and wondered why God allows this, or why God has done that, or why hasn’t God answered a particular prayer?

But even so, He loves me, just the way I am. He inclines His ear to me when I pray. And when I grumble about a young millennial disrespecting my “great wisdom,” He ever-so-gently reminds me of all the times that I have disrespected Him.

Just….. Wow.

This post was inspired by a comment I left on this awesome post: The Ultimate Narcissist?