Happy Caturday — fall equinox edition

Happy Caturday Fall Equinox! (Because four-legged fur buddies are great therapy for PTSD.)

Everybody wants to be a cat. Yesterday, just before sunset, I caught our dog climbing way up high on the very top of a large pile of wood that my husband had stacked in our back yard. I can see a cat doing that. But our golden lab mystery mix dog weighs around 70 pounds!

It took me nearly an hour to move all of those big heavy un-split logs to the back side of our fence, some of which I’m sure weigh almost as much as our dog. Then I slept like a log last night. My best sleep in months. Apparently, I need to move that pile of wood every evening. It works better than chamomile tea. (Ouch. Grandma is SORE this morning. But rested!)

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