I am (temporarily) not following any blogs right now, please don’t take it personally! *Update added Feb. 24 regarding my prayer request*

Image from This Charming Charlie on Tumblr.

I have been going through a lot of difficult issues lately, and I plan to write a post about it soon. But in the meantime, because I recently received an email from someone who had just noticed that I am no longer following her blog, and she wondered if she had offended me — NO, I have not been offended by any blogger!

Quite the opposite, I miss my blogging friends very much! But as I explained in a post that I wrote several weeks ago, I have temporarily unfollowed all of the blogs I was following, because I was spending several hours in a typical day reading (and commenting) on other people’s blogs. I tried my best to cut back, but found that I lack the self discipline to do so. And I really need to use my free time right now to finish writing my memoirs. (I have bookmarked my favorite blogs, and I still drop by from time to time. I have found that while I am writing my memoir, this method works best.)

Meanwhile, I have recently started neurofeedback treatment for my PTSD and executive function issues. So far, my experience with neurofeedback has been a mixed bag. I plan to write a post about that very soon, too.

The nearest neurofeedback provider is 132 miles away from where we live. The recommended frequency of treatment is a minimum of twice per week. This means that my husband and I are putting a lot of miles on our car.

Neurofeedback sessions have a tendency to leave you feeling tired afterward, particularly during the early treatments. Add all of the driving that we are doing on top of it, and I have been feeling exhausted, these days. Fatigue was already a problem for me — in fact, “very low energy” was one of the many neurological problems that was discovered by my baseline eeg assessment. So now… WHEW!

Like I said, neurofeedback has been a mixed bag, so far. But I am hanging in there, hoping it will soon get better. And I am very grateful for the opportunity to try this.

Comments are closed for now. Thank you for stopping by, and God bless. ….PS: If you believe in prayer, please say a prayer for my physical health. One of the problems that my baseline eeg assessment found is very scary. Progressive and incurable. I want to find out more about it, though, before I write about it here.  ….UPDATE ADDED 1 DAY AFTER I WROTE THIS PRAYER REQUEST: I saw my neurofeedback therapist after writing this post, and I told him how worried I have been, since he gave me a copy of my eeg report and I noticed where it says that my brain waves indicate that I may have Parkinson’s disease — which is a very scary, progressive, and incurable disorder of the brain and nervous system.

The therapist assured me that he does NOT believe I have Parkinson’s — he believes my unhealthy brain wave pattern is caused entirely by my extensive trauma history, and my numerous concussions. (I have been knocked unconscious four times. Only one of those was due to an accident, the other three were caused by physical beatings.) The therapist also assured me that my brain is responding very well to the neurofeedback so far, and he believes that after two or three months of training, and maybe sooner, my eeg will no longer indicate Parkinson’s, or any of the numerous other problems that are mentioned in my baseline eeg report.

So, YAY!! But I hope this therapist will learn from my case, that when anyone with an extensive trauma history like mine has an eeg that tests positive for Parkinson’s, autism, learning disorders, mood disorders, ADHD, etc — he needs to EXPLAIN what he believes that actually means, before sending her home with a copy of the report!