All things new…

Too good not to reblog! Here are my favorite passages:

“This is a time of RENEWAL.”

“If there is someone heaping their own bad attitudes on you and making you their scapegoat, close the door and move on. You have permission to do so, just be sure to do it with an attitude of love and forgiveness.”

“Shake the dust off of your feet from anyone or anything that does not contribute to the value and worth Jesus Christ says you have.”

“There are things that should be left in 2016 as the door to 2017 begins to open…”

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Shattered in Him

My husband has often described me as a butterfly about to emerge from the safety of the dark cocoon, where I have been in solitude. Over the summer, it seemed as if I were being followed by a group of white and purple butterflies. When I went outside to feed and water the dogs, there they were, flying overhead and then landing on a perch nearby. When I was loading the kids up in the vehicle, the butterflies were flying overhead making circles above and around the van. In fact, the presence of the butterflies was so noticeable that my preschooler even began to call them “Mommy’s butterflies”. Some of the butterflies had the patterns of brown and black, like a Monarch. Most of the butterflies, though, were completely white or colored in various shades of purple.

I couldn’t help but think of what the liturgical colors of white and purple…

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