How can I love my worst enemy?


This post really speaks to my heart right now. My daughter’s ex is harassing and hurting her in every way he can, and I want to HATE him, I want to pray and ask God to HURT him. How can I love my former son-in-law, the father of my grandchildren, with a Godly, Christ-like LOVE — how can I pray and ask God to SAVE his soul and even to BLESS this man, whom I used to love like a son, but who has become my worst ENEMY?

I cannot do it. In my own strength, I cannot do it. Especially not when the Mama Bear in me wants to….. do something that is the exact opposite of Christian Love!!

Dear Father God, I ask that Your will be done, not my will. I cannot love my daughter’s ex husband in my own human strength, so I ask You to fill my soul with Your love for this man. Please, do whatever it takes to open this man’s eyes to Your Truth. Most of all, please protect my daughter from this man’s evil intentions, and turn his evil actions into something positive and good in her life. In Jesus Christ’s name I pray, Amen.

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Why should I love _____ if they don’t love me?

Move Your "..BUT God .."

This question came up in one of the first Divorce Care classes I attended at my church. Ironically, the church name included the words ” of Grace,” and the first thought that came into my mind after I heard that question as I sat in a room filled with broken-hearted Christians was another question, “Why shouldn’t I love, when God could ask that same question of all of us, yet loves us all even when we didn’t and don’t love him?”

Here I go again, writing on the only thing worth writing about: the relentless,  implausible, passionate, selfless, giving love of God, dramatically and emphatically and irrefutably shown by Jesus – Y’shua,Isa, or whatever you call him in your language – living out God’s  love, dying on the Cross for each one of us out of God’s love, and rising again in the eternal life he offers us out of…

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