Luckiest man alive…

I think this is probably the best post I have ever read, since I discovered blogs six years ago!

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Shattered in Him

*Introducing the other half of the warrior womanbehind Shattered in Him…

I happen to be the husband of a very talented, beautiful, and wonderful woman. If you have spent any time at all reading her testimony, you know what a wounded warrior she is. She has been fighting for her life since day one and now she and God are winning. When I decided to marry her I thought that I could be her Braveheart or Prince Phillip and destroy the mighty past dragon.

I failed miserably. She has been the one to make me see what a blind idiot I have been throughout my life and has encouraged me in my walk with God more than any other influence in my life. I obviously married completely out of my league. She is an amazing lady in every way possible. I consider myself the luckiest man in the whole blogosphere.

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