Election Fear — is it warranted?



I understand the fear. My Caucasian granddaughter is engaged to a sweet Pakistani-American. They live in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a predominately Democratic area. They are both graduate students at Harvard University. Yet when they walk the streets of Cambridge together, they hear shouts of “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!” and “ARAB GO HOME!” This was happening, even before the election.

I am concerned and praying for my granddaughter and her fiance. But I refuse to live my life in fear. God is still on the throne. Christ told us that in this world we would have tribulation, but to be of good cheer, for He has overcome the world.

Most of the things I have worried about and been afraid of in my lifetime, have never happened. When tragedies happen, they are usually things that never entered my mind. Horrors like 9-11. The heart shattering day when my sweet young cousin, an RN, drowned a few hours after our last phone conversation. Unexpected and unsettling things, like this contentious election.

Clearly, it does not help to worry about anything. We usually find out, after the fact, that we were worrying about the wrong things!

Life is random like that…

This morning, while I was thinking about the election and wondering where our country is heading now, the associate pastor of our tiny church got out of bed, collapsed, and died. He always looked very fit and healthy. My husband saw him at the men’s Bible study night before last and he seemed fine. A few days ago when I was out walking our dogs, he drove past and honked and waved. He lived with his wife a few blocks from our house. He was a good man, a Godly man. Gary was concerned, like the rest of us, about this election. And now he is with the Lord. He never got to enjoy the retirement he was working and planning for.

Our days are all numbered and our lives are in God’s hands. I will not put my trust in a man or a woman. I will not put my trust in a political party, in a president, a king, a queen, or even a church minister. My trust is in the Lord.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Please, give someone you care about a hug today. You never know when you won’t get that chance again.