Missing Friends

The first person that followed my old blog died a couple of years ago. I would never have known what happened, if one of her real life friends hadn’t posted the sad news on her blog. She was only in her twenties, a beautiful person. I felt like my heart was ripped out.

Other bloggers have vanished without a trace. A couple of them, I had been emailing with privately. They stopped replying to my emails, too. I still have no idea what happened.

After experiencing this unexplained loss for the third time, I considered writing a final “Farewell” post for my blog and setting it to go live a couple of months in the future. Something upbeat, with the Pharrell Williams “Happy” video, which I love so much. I was going to write something along the lines of: “If you are reading this, I am probably in heaven now, WOO HOO!” I figured that I would mark my calendar to reset the post date on the first of every month, for another couple of months into the future.

But I haven’t done it yet because, knowing me, I would forget to reset the publish date, and the thing would go live while I am still alive. Either that, or while I was working on it, I would accidentally hit the publish tab. Then I would have to quickly write another post explaining the error. Which would be very embarrassing and so NOT COOL!!

Having the opportunity to say a final goodbye to my online pals would be nice. But… I only have a handful of followers, and I’m not a very important person, so… Never Mind, I guess. Like Jason says in his Missing Friends post, everything has an expiration date.

Maybe Jason can put his brilliant mind to work and come up with a workable solution that we can all use? 🙂

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(Oops, sorry about the “f” word in Jason’s post. I don’t use such words on my blog. But Jason is a younger generation and it’s just another word to most people these days. I am so old that I never even heard the “f” word until I was twelve years old… and I did not know what it meant until I was thirteen!)