Missing Friends

The first person that followed my old blog died a couple of years ago. I would never have known what happened, if one of her real life friends hadn’t posted the sad news on her blog. She was only in her twenties, a beautiful person. I felt like my heart was ripped out.

Other bloggers have vanished without a trace. A couple of them, I had been emailing with privately. They stopped replying to my emails, too. I still have no idea what happened.

After experiencing this unexplained loss for the third time, I considered writing a final “Farewell” post for my blog and setting it to go live a couple of months in the future. Something upbeat, with the Pharrell Williams “Happy” video, which I love so much. I was going to write something along the lines of: “If you are reading this, I am probably in heaven now, WOO HOO!” I figured that I would mark my calendar to reset the post date on the first of every month, for another couple of months into the future.

But I haven’t done it yet because, knowing me, I would forget to reset the publish date, and the thing would go live while I am still alive. Either that, or while I was working on it, I would accidentally hit the publish tab. Then I would have to quickly write another post explaining the error. Which would be very embarrassing and so NOT COOL!!

Having the opportunity to say a final goodbye to my online pals would be nice. But… I only have a handful of followers, and I’m not a very important person, so… Never Mind, I guess. Like Jason says in his Missing Friends post, everything has an expiration date.

Maybe Jason can put his brilliant mind to work and come up with a workable solution that we can all use? 🙂

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(Oops, sorry about the “f” word in Jason’s post. I don’t use such words on my blog. But Jason is a younger generation and it’s just another word to most people these days. I am so old that I never even heard the “f” word until I was twelve years old… and I did not know what it meant until I was thirteen!)

HarsH ReaLiTy


One of the hardest aspects of blogging is learning to lose friends and let them go. We spend countless hours reading about people online through their open journals and unprotected blogs that we grow to know them.

At least we feel like we do.

Their daily updates and random photos become a running stream of real life that is routinely ingested. When that flow of media and entertainment stops we are left holding empty buckets and praying for water once more.

I have had many blog friends move on from this passion, this hobby that many of us take part in. Only they know what they are now doing. Their online friends, their online audience, and the people that regularly checked their posts in our readers are left wondering what the fuck happened. Where did our friends go? Are they ok? Did they die?

Everything has an expiration date. I truly…

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