Self-Care, Self-Love Day! (Journal)

This NarcSurvivor post that I am reblogging is a wonderful reminder that we all need to take good care of ourselves, especially those of us who have survived severe trauma.

As I was reading the following post two days ago, my gentle “walk in the rain forest” alarm went off on my phone. I have my alarm set to go off every Wednesday at 11:57 a.m., with a gentle “snooze” alarm that goes off 3 minutes later, at 11:59. This alarm is one of several ways that I have learned to take care of my Post Traumatic Stress.

The reason I have this alarm set is because our town tests the emergency siren every Wednesday at noon for approximately 15 seconds. They started doing this weekly test right after we had a terrifying tornado-warned storm hit our town on October 21, 2015. I wrote about that experience here, on my old blog:

Minutes before that freaky storm clobbered our little village last October, the emergency siren went off for 3 solid minutes. So I knew that a tornado was headed our way and I was SCARED. When the ferocious wind, rain, and hail hit, it sounded like the sky had caved in on us. The roof on our house was ruined — it has since been replaced — and our sporty red Volvo was totalled by the hail. The Volvo has been replaced, too, with a Chevy SUV.

Ever since that terrifying experience, with my pre-existing PTSD and exaggerated startle reflex, when the test siren sounded every Wednesday at noon, I would feel like I was having a heart attack… until it finally occurred to me to set my gentle alarm reminder! Now when the test happens, my heart doesn’t even skip a single beat!

This is just one of many ways I have found to take care of myself. I like to get my hair and nails done, too, every once in awhile. I also exercise nearly every day, and give myself a facial about once a month. It feels great!

In the Bible, the Lord Jesus told us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He didn’t say that we are to love others more than ourselves or instead of ourselves — He said to love others and to love ourselves, too! If we don’t take good loving care of ourselves, we won’t be fit to do loving and caring things for others.

Please read the original post and show your appreciation there. Thank you!


20160302_141521.jpg“Eat Whatever I Want – Lunch”: Sandwich with “Luxury shrimp”, avocado, hard-boiled egg halves, aioli with saffron in it, lemons… Oh, that is not wine, it’s blackcurrant juice!

Since I’ve been a “work machine” at my job the last few months, I figured I’d take this day to take care of myself. How often do we do that? Especially if we have been through a destructive relationship, or other rough patch in our lives, I’d say not that often. So I’ll tell you about the little things I did today, to make it all about me…  (Ah, that was so long ago, wonderful feeling!) 

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4 thoughts on “Self-Care, Self-Love Day! (Journal)

  1. S March 4, 2016 / 1:24 pm

    I enjoyed this. Guilt-free take care of me. We really do need to do that, especially as scapegoats. Like, I never really cooked in my life, I was a microwave-queen lol. But now, I make simple, or even somewhat more complicated recipes. I even use spices and seasonings. I use the stove AND oven and still I’m a novice cook, but, for me these are masterpieces. I cook for me like I would a family. I here a lot of people don’t bother to cook for themselves. You are worth the bother!

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