Ouch Everywhere

I saw my doctor yesterday for my annual wellness checkup. She recommended that I have the pneumococcal vaccine. I usually shy away from vaccines but she was very persuasive.

“Your immune system tends to weaken as you get older,” she said. (Cheery thought.) “And with your history of bronchitis and chest colds, you really should.”

She explained that this vaccine contains no live virus and that getting sick from it is very rare, less than 1%. So, I agreed to let her nurse inoculate me. I scarcely felt the needle.

Because I am so healthy and I exercise every day, I assumed that I wouldn’t have any negative reactions.

Wrong. Everything hurts. Every single part of my body, HURTS.

Sorry, but I just had to come on here and whine. Typing even hurts. 😰

I’m posting this picture of our old Cattle dog, Lady, greeting the neighbor’s horses, because it makes me feel a little better, every time I look at it. πŸ’˜